Welcome to Banner Beer Company. Where big flavor and low ABV come together in brilliant beer. Here, we love the big flavors of American craft beer but we also have a lot to do. Which is why we set out to brew beer that brings great taste and low ABV together in a session beer. All of our beers are 5% ABV or lower, with banner nights and clear-headed mornings in mind.
So log the miles, tear up the trail, pursue your path, do great things. There’s a lot of life out there. Get after it.

High Flavor Beer

At Banner, we’ve got the experience and know how to build a great tasting recipe. Todd has brewed with both traditional and exotic ingredients from all over the world for more than fifteen years. We know that full malt body, and deep hop flavor and aroma do not have to be compromised when creating low ABV beers, regardless of style or focus. We are committed to bringing you beers that are rich and complex, some true to style, some not so much. All backed by years of brewing service and a dedication to an ambitious lifestyle.

High Flavor Beer

We’ve been at this for a long time. Craft beer has seen its share of trends, like beers with twice the hops, super high ABV, and beers that can only be served in tiny glasses. We appreciate those beers on occasions where we can take a step back and slow down a bit. Banner Beer’s approach is to scale back the ABV, lengthen the session, and enjoy the frequency. All of our recipes are written with great nights and Banner days in mind…

More than 15 years ago, Todd clipped a quote out of the Boston Globe: Find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Taking that to heart, and realizing that his band maybe wasn’t going to be the next Husker Du after all, he walked into one of Boston’s premiere breweries and landed a job on the bottling line. He worked hard, and his dedication paid off. He studied Brewing Sciences through MBAA, and eventually was Head Brewer for the Harpoon Brewery for more than ten years. He wrote and developed recipes for Imperial IPAs, Barley Wine, & Weizenbock to name a few, and loved the hands on day-to-day challenge of making beer.

When we were young, nothing was better than staying up all night, drinking beer, listening to music, and talking with friends. We still love all those things, but with three children, lots of responsibility, and a newfound interest in running, we needed a beer that could accommodate our lifestyle. Typical “light” beers were utterly disappointing as far as flavor, and the craft beers we loved were simply too strong to enjoy in a session.

So we started Banner Beer Company. Our Company is founded on the idea that everyone can live up to their full potential and purpose every day. We can all do a little more for our health, for our minds, for our neighbors, for our world. We can work hard and have fun. We can enjoy each other’s company and drink great beer. Banner Beer is an American Beer Company that embodies our country’s great spirit, and has fun doing so.